This is how snake lay eggs

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This is how snake lay eggs

This is how snake lay eggs

Well, you probably can see how a snake lay eggs through the “Animal Planet” channel. Here are another series of pictures showing how a snake lay eggs.

World’s Biggest Man from Ukraine

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World's Biggest Man

The World’s Biggest Man – Leonid Stadnik is from Ukraine. He is 2.57 Meter tall. This is incredible and amazing. I could not imagine the size and the height of this man standing in front of me. The horse is just like the size of a dog to him. What is it like to be him?

“Leonid tries to avoid seeing himself, he has no mirror in his house. He reconciled with adverse circumstances and enjoys with the little things he has, like a genuine Christian. “I don’t drink spirits and don’t smoke, I haven’t tried beer in my life”, says Leonid. “I am OK without over-indulgence”.”


Beauty of Nature – Colorful Ocean Life

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Colorful Ocean Life

It is always very delightful to see the colorful ocean life. The color of the deep sea creatures are so eye catching. Do you like the underwater world?

17 Cool USB products you never see before

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17 Cool USB products you never see before

Cool USB Products

People are getting creative and innovative. All these 17 cool USB products are interesting and you might never seen before. Not sure where to buy all these or whether or not they are useful, but they are definitely worth knowing.

Cute Japanese, Beautiful Shots

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Give yourself a break, give your eyes a rest. Here’s some good photoography shots, with beautiful Japanese of course. Full album after jump.


Beautiful Asians from Lite (Woman Magazine)

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You will not resist beautiful things, just like you will not resist and keep your eyes away from these beautiful Asian. Courtesy Lite Magazine for woman. For the eyes only. Full album after jump.


Beijing Olympic 2008 Coca Cola Collection

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Beijing Olympic 2008 Coca Cola

Beijing Olympic 2008 has not started, but the officials have already started to sell their merchandize. For Coke fans, here’s the official Beijing Olympic 2008 Coca Cola tin design. You might want to make them part of your colelctions.


World Largest Swimming Pool

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world largest pool

Ever wonder how big is the largest swimming pool in the world? What can one do besides swimming in it? Well, here at eatnineghost, we can give you an idea. With 1013 meters in length and 35 meters deep, the San Alfonso del Mar is the largest pool not only in Chile, but the whole world as far as Guinness World Record is concern. Here’s a little summary of the World Largest Pool before the photo.

San Alfonso del Mar in Algarrobo, Chile

Length: 1014 meter

Surface Area: 8 hectares

Deepest point: 35 meters

Capacity: 2.5 million liters


Hiding An Airplane Factory

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hide an airplane

During World War II the Army Corps of Engineers needed to hide the Lockheed Burbank Aircraft Plant to protect it from a Japanese air attack.

They covered it with camouflage netting and trompe l’oeil to make it look like a rural subdivision from the air. Now here’s our chance to see what’s underneath.


Magic Finger – PDA Protector

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It was so funny and interesting when you see the packaging of this PDA protector. It is exactly like the condom packaging. The size is only 2cm. Tiny and cute. (more…)