Amazing Wild Life

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Amazing Wild Life

Amazing Flying insect lift up the frog

You are not going to believe this!

We always know that frog does eat insects for living, that’s what it does naturally. Never in my life seeing a flying insect could lift up the frog while trying to escape. It is amazing!

The video was filmed in Australia. Watch the video after the jump.

Fantastic Views of Akshardhama Temple, New Delhi

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Fantastic Views of Akshardhama Temple, New Delhi

The Akshardhama is one of the largest temple in India. This architectural masterpiece was built with 6 thousand tonnes of pink sandstone and stood 108 ft in height. Look at the fantastic views. It would be an ideal place for a vacation. It’s not hard to fall in love with the temple.

Crazy Pets Owner

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Crazy Pets Owner

You love your pets so much and you decided to buy them cloths. But these cloth make your pets look weird and somehow funny. What are the pets owner thinking? Let’s hope your pets love the dress.

It’s Tough Being Catwalk Models

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It's Tough Being Catwalk Models

It’s not easy to be a catwalk model especially you are asked to wear high heels. Oh boy, those are not the normal high heels that everyone else is wearing. Those high heels could broke your ankle if you slip?

During the catwalk, models still have to carry on by finishing the walk, pretend like there is nothing happen. Poor thing.

All I can say, good luck girls! Tough girls you there!

Houses for sale at Dubai – The True Paradise

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Houses for sale at Dubai - The True Paradise

The artificial island at Dubai Emirate is a paradise. If you own a house there, you are living in true paradise. You will agree with me when you see the house there. At least I think so. I may not have chance to own a house there, but I am happy to see those house in pictures.

The view and the environment are too good to be true. More pictures after the jump.

Shadow Play

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Shadow Play

How many of the shadow plays do you know? Honestly, it’s amazing to see how much we can play with our hands in the shadow. Here is a series of the shadow plays. Learn all of them and show it to the kids. They’ll love it.

Nice mugs for guys

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These mugs might not be the perfect gift for guys, but they could be a nice series of mug collection. At least they are giving great visual effects. Bring one of them to the office and spice up the atmosphere. Remember, hold the mug nicely, don’t break them! (more…)

One in a million shot

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One in a million shot

One in a million shot - Bird got killed in tennis match

It happened in just few seconds. Everyone was paying attention to the tennis match. All of sudden, all players stop to see what was dropping to the tennis court. It was a dead bird.

The tennis ball actually killed the bird when the ball was hitting back to the opponent. You can see it clearly during the slow-mo play back.

This is really one in a million shot! I mean, what’s the odd? Poor birdie. Video after the jump.

DIY Slipper

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The cost of a pair of slipper could be really cheap. Therefore, you could really make a pair of slipper for yourself. Here are some steps showing how to Do-It-Yourself a pair of slipper with the cheapest cost – A pack of cotton pad.

The slipper seems comfortable anyway. You may add your own decorations. Be creative!

Deaf Genie

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A man walks into a bar with a paper bag. He sits down and places the bag on the counter. The bartender walks up and asks what’s in the bag.

The man reaches into the bag and pulls out a little man, about one foot high, and he sets him on the counter. He reaches back into the bag and this time pulls out a small piano, setting it on the counter as well. He reaches into the bag once again and pulls out a tiny piano bench, which he placed in front of the piano.

The little man sits down at the piano and starts playing a beautiful piece by Mozart. “Where on earth did you get him?” Says the bartender.

The man responded by reaching into the paper bag. This time he pulls out a magic lamp. He hands it to the bartender and says: “Here Rub it.”

So the bartender rubs the lamp, and suddenly there’s a gust of smoke, then a beautiful blonde genie is standing before him. “I will grant you one wish. Just one wish … each person is only allowed one!”

The bartender got real excited. Without hesitating he said, “I want a million bucks!”

A few moments later, a duck walks into the bar. It is soon followed by another duck, then another. Pretty soon, the entire bar is filled with ducks and they kept coming.

The bartender turns to the man and says, “Y’know, I think your genie’s a little deaf. I asked for a million bucks, not a million ducks.”

“I know,” says the man, “do you really think I asked for a 12 inch pianist?”